Room is headed in the right direction.

Pros: low tournament buy-ins, best blind structure in Chicagoland, management welcomes feedback

Cons: tournaments only pay the top 10%

My suggestion is to pay the top 20%, whereas spots 11-20% just get their money back and the top 10% get paid slightly less. Market it as 1 in 5 get paid and try it for a month. I think you'd be happy with the results :)

Also offer step tournaments :)

  • PokerGeist: Thanks for the positive review! The staff really appreciates it! We appreciate the thoughts on the payout structure. As we talked about, I'm considering giving it a run, but everything needs to be approved by the State. Check out our Majestic Fall Bash coming up in September! $400 buy in, 10% advance to day two, all day two players get paid. $55 step into the $400 as well. 96 $55 seats given away too! Things take a long time to get approved but they are fun to run when they do! -Nick

Announcements from Majestic Star Casino

Hi players!

Check out our NEW $250 $5K Guaranteed PLO BOUNTY tournament with $50 Bounties! 2nd Sunday of the month! First comes 10/14 at 12pm!

Check out our new TURKEY RUN Tournaments over Thanksgiving Weekend! $200 Main Event, $15,000 Guaranteed! $60 Qualifiers, 20% advance to Main! 40 seats given away in room! Exclamation points!!! $150 Bounty Sunday 11/25/18 at 12:30pm, $100 NLHE at 3pm. Play them all!

New games approved! Razz, Badugi, Badacey, Badeucey, 2-7 Triple or Single Draw, A-5 Triple or Single Draw, Five Card Draw, Archie, Big O and Big O/8.

Mississippi straddles also allowed UTG or on button of up to 10x BB. See floors for details.

Come check out our NEW $110 ($75 Prize Pool + $20 House + $5 Tournament Promo + $10 Dealer Add on) NLHE Tournament on Sundays at 3pm! This tournament features 8,000 + 2,000 (if the additional add on is taken for the dealers) starting chips, 30 minute blind levels starting at 25-50, registration open until 2nd break, full 10% paid. Follow us on Facebook, more good stuff being announced all month!

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