Room is headed in the right direction.

Pros: low tournament buy-ins, best blind structure in Chicagoland, management welcomes feedback

Cons: tournaments only pay the top 10%

My suggestion is to pay the top 20%, whereas spots 11-20% just get their money back and the top 10% get paid slightly less. Market it as 1 in 5 get paid and try it for a month. I think you'd be happy with the results :)

Also offer step tournaments :)

Announcements from Majestic Star Casino

Majestic Star Poker Room is your friendly place to play. With excellent service, a liberal ($2/hour on all cash games) comp rate, tableside food service, free Wi-Fi and high value tournaments, there is something for everyone here at Majestic Star! Limit games, from $1-5 Stud, $3-6 Limit Hold'em, $6-12 Limit Hold'em (with Kill to $10-20 offered), $5-10 Omaha 8, $4-8 HOSE and [i]many other games of your choice[i] are spread usually at least once a week. $2-5 NLHE with a $200-1000 buy in and time rake and $1-2 NLHE with a $300 Max buy in are room staples. Plenty of promos, great tournaments with a good sized chip stack and great action make Majestic Star your poker home. Come see us!

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