Room is headed in the right direction.

Pros: low tournament buy-ins, best blind structure in Chicagoland, management welcomes feedback

Cons: tournaments only pay the top 10%

My suggestion is to pay the top 20%, whereas spots 11-20% just get their money back and the top 10% get paid slightly less. Market it as 1 in 5 get paid and try it for a month. I think you'd be happy with the results :)

Also offer step tournaments :)

  • PokerGeist: Thanks for the positive review! The staff really appreciates it! We appreciate the thoughts on the payout structure. As we talked about, I'm considering giving it a run, but everything needs to be approved by the State. Check out our Majestic Fall Bash coming up in September! $400 buy in, 10% advance to day two, all day two players get paid. $55 step into the $400 as well. 96 $55 seats given away too! Things take a long time to get approved but they are fun to run when they do! -Nick

Announcements from Majestic Star Casino

Hi players!

Check out our new High Hand Promotion! The promotion runs Monday through Thursday. 7am to 11am, the high hand prize goes up by $50 each hour. From 3pm to 7pm, the high hand prize goes up by $100 each hour. Four of a kind or better to win. Must be present to claim prize at end of qualifying hour. Must play a pocket pair to win if playing quads and both cards must play if playing a straight flush or higher. If no one makes a qualifying hand each hour, the money for that hour rolls into the next hour. If at the end of the qualifying period there is money left, that money starts off the next qualifying period. Prizes may roll from day to day week to week as needed. In the first two weeks, we have had a $1400 prize and a $1000 prize!

$2-5 NLHE continues strong on Friday and Saturday each week.
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