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FantasyFootball wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Fabulous room to have fun, win cash

The MGM has a poker "nook" of sorts, a big area between two sides of the bottom floor of the casino. Plenty of tables, all with auto-shufflers, lots of TVs, and very clean with comfortable chairs and plenty of eye-candy walking by. It's a little noisy since the room backs up on a bar, but the noise is worth putting up with.

Plenty of fish who are sitting down to play some casual poker. Easy to read players for aces or kings, and just as easy to break them with a marginal hand that outflops their pocket pair. If you're an online player looking for a place to get your feet wet in live play in Vegas, MGM is DEFINITELY it.

Only experienced one surly dealer in 10-plus hours of play at MGM. Kirk was specifically memorable for keeping the game moving and being a pleasant dealer. No problems here.

There were always servers around, and they brought drinks back at a fair pace. I don't remember them being overly attractive, but they were prompt and that's what counts.

Did a great job getting people seated. The longest I had to wait for a game was 20 minutes; often was seated immediately into a game. Staff was always interested in running $60 SNGs (I did not partake) and starting higher-limit games.

$1 comps when you have the MGM card.

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