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Clem2754 wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Get the construction done quickly....

Room was good, but I like the other location much more. The room wasn't getting the normal traffic. Fewer 1-2 NL games, and only one 2-5NL game, which is what I played. Tables are still nice, but the location is the issue. I am rating the current location a 3. The old location was a 4 or possibly a 5.

I think MGM is very soft when it comes to 1-2NL. 2-5NL on this past trip was softer. A lot of regulars seem to be going to Aria or played earlier in the day. Only had one regular at the table. I think the location is hurting getting the numbers. I wish they had a mix game, but no mix games ended up being spread while I was in town.

Dealers are always solid at MGM. I see a lot of the same dealers each time I come into town. They know the game.

Cocktails were very quick in the old location. A touch slower in this location which is understandable considering the new location. Still they get it right.

I don't blame the poker room management on the location change, so I grade them strong. They run a good room. I think they look forward to the change back to the old location. Always quick to seat players. Really take care of the players.


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