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ChrisTexas wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Great poker room; I'll be back for sure

Room is larger than it first appears due to the fact it sits in a semi-circle around the Centrifuge bar. Ample walking room between most tables, and everything is new. Waiting list is displayed on large plasma screens, sometimes it's not updated timely but efficient overall. Loud music from bar can be distracting to some.

I played only 3/6 LHE, and on Friday and Saturday you had a mix of a couple of newbies, mostly average players, and one or two very solid players at every table. Also, every table seemed to have at least one complainer, but half of those seemed to be showing off their vocabulary as they had no concept of pot odds. You'll find out who the truly solid players are within a couple of orbits if you pay attention. Sunday afternoon was slow for the room, and the 3/6 table was tight (avg 3 seeing a flop). Weekends were definitely looser.

Dealers were fast and efficient. One has to pay attention if a non-winning hand is shown as they were quickly mucked. Auto-shufflers built in the table kept the games going at a good pace. Dealers were friendly and patient with the newbies, but stern with the drunks (as they should be). Only problem I had was being accused of a string-bet on one of my check raises because the dealer didn't hear my verbal raise declaration over the loud music. Luckily two other players backed me up.

Great service during afternoons, busy weekend nights took longer to get something. Friendly, professionally dressed waitresses. Drinks came exactly as ordered.

Sometimes players were sent to wrong table, and sometimes wait lists were not updated timely, but floors seemed fair and competent. Fast chip runners as well.

$1 per hour, tracked at the table by having dealer swipe your players card. My accumulated time seemed to be a couple of hours off, but the floor was pretty reasonable in working with me. No bad beat or high hand jackpots, which is good because they're not raking for it and you don't get players commenting on your play because of it like at other rooms that have jackpots.

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Announcements from MGM Grand

The splashy capital of Las Vegas. Our uncapped 1-2 No Limit Hold 'em games are fun, deep and full of value!!


$130 rebuy + addon events daily @ 11:10am, 7:10pm and 11:10pm
25,000 chips - 50,000 chip add-ons

Daily tournaments will be suspended 11.30.23 for our 2023 WPC.

Winter Poker Challenge - 11.30.23 to 12.19.23
Over 1.7 Million in guaranteed prize pools
Side events - 11pm midnight rebuy madness - EVERY NIGHT
Daily events take home prize money and a Cashman Crystal Trophy!!


Progressive High Hand of the Hour - $200/hr minimum
Prize amounts grow by $100 when not hit. Hourly prizes cap out at $599.

$10,000 Mystery PAT
Come play every Thursday for your share of $10,000+ for as little as 15 hours in a live cash game.
There will be 8 bounties amounting to $1,500 total!! These knockout bounties will be randomly placed. The top bounty will be $500!!

$50,000 Lucky Lion Mystery Drawings
Beginning after the holidays, 5 days a week we will randomly draw for mystery prizes. Players that log 4 hours of live play will get a 2x multiplier. Prizes range from $50 up to $3,000!!!

See a poker supervisor for full details!

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