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vinnyboombots wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Great room whenever but especially to end your trip before flying home

Room is real nice as always. I am glad that got rid of those disgusting tables with the porcelain "moat" as I called it.

I rate it average because I always see good players there but overall I seem to do much better there than anywhere else. I have not had a losing session there in a few years. There seems to me to be more turnover at the tables than at other rooms.

I have always thought the dealers there were excellent.

I have always had good service.

I always make it the last place because it is easy to walk over to the Tropicana and get a cab to the airport. The first time I ever played there, I was hungover big time, smelled bad because I didn't shower as I got thrown out of my room well after check out time, and was a mess. The manager treated me with a lot of respect and even offered to get me stuff for my hangover. i never forgot it. Now that I am an amputee, the management reached out to me here on AVP to offer a motorized cart on my trips to help me get around. If they have always been good to me, it has to be a habit. I am nothing special and not a high roller.

Truth is, I really don't know. I got a good price on M LIfe the last time I booked a hotel through it.

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