I arrived around 12:45 a.m. to play while my wife went dancing with her girlfriend at Studio 54. They had 2 tables each of $2/$4, and one table each of $3/$6, $4/$8, $5/$10, and $10/$20. They also had about 6 tables of NL going on. The $10/$20 was short handed so they offered no rake for the first half hour to attract more players. I played the $3/$6.

I got a players card, which took about 1 minute, and they assigned me to my table immediately. I only had to check in with the dealer, and never had to check out because they could track me automatically using their computerized consoles, even when I changed seats. The dealers call in for new players using the console instead of yelling it out loud. Nice touch.

Everything felt brand new, including the chips.

Lots of crap shown down on the river.

Nothing sticks out.

Nothing sticks out.

As noted, the computerized player tracking system is very efficient.

No jackpots. You earn food comps by the hour with a player's card.

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