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chuckb wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

One of my favorites

The poker room was moved because of construction noise, so this was a temporary setup about 100 feet away. Will be happy when it moves back, but it wasn't bad. Chairs are comfortable, people are generally friendly, lots of table conversation.

Generally one of my favorite places to play. I've played the 2-4L (if I feel like drinking) and 1-2NL (if I don't). It's almost impossible to lose money playing taggy poker in the limit game, but it is 2-4 so you're not going to make your rent no matter how long you stay there. The 1-2NL tables were full of friendly players, about half regulars and half tourists. You could expect most pots to be raised, but not aggressively so you still got 3-4 people seeing most flops. People seemed to play there to socialize and have a good time more than anywhere else I played.

All of the dealers were on the ball. I don't know how many hours I played, but it was a lot, and I don't recall any problems.

I could barely walk to the cashier cage when I left the 2-4 table.

One of the best reasons to play here.

M-Life. Nothing spectacular.

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