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JMYBFFT wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

The best that I saw 7/6/05-7/7/05

The room tables and chips are all in excellent condition. Flat screens placed around the entire room in such a way that you can see one or more from any seat in the room. The computerized board made it easy to see when you were close to getting a seat and makes it very efficient to fill empty seats. This is a classy well maintained room.

I did not find the music and noise from the accompanying bar to be distracting and enjoyed the entire time I was there.

I found the competition to vary by the level I was playing at. I sat for $4/8 limit initially and found most players to be pretty poor and made some good money. The following 2 days I played $6/12 limit and had times with 5 or 6 poor players contributing to the rest of the table and times when there were 8 decent or good players at a table. I think it is more a question of timing to find the juiciest players available. I was there in the days leading up to the main event of the WSOP so there may have been a higher concentration of good players than normal.

I found all the dealers to be proficient at their duties and made few if any mistakes. Some were more personable than others, but I was more concerned with them being able to deal well than entertaining me with their wit. Every dealer that I saw was either friendly or at very least professional with no bad attitudes.

Service was quite fast and regular even when the room was going full bore. The waitresses are also very easy to look at.

They use the computerized boards to efficiently place people and were always professional if not cordial to deal with. The tournament I played was run excellently run and the tournament organizer came to all the active tables prior to general registration and signed up any players that were interested from their seats.

I did not receive any comps as I was only there for 2 days and did not sign up for any players cards.

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