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Georgiayank wrote a review about MGM National in Oxon Hill, MD

Lots of plusses and minuses

Saw another review with very similar takes.
The actual poker is excellent, so for people who care only about that then it's a 5 star. Great spread of games. Reasonable wait times. Good action - like any room, some table more active than others but that's the way it always works. All dealers, reception floor very competent and friendly.
Good mix of promotions -- I've accepted that most poker rooms now will have promos, so don't object to the extra rake -- they seem to mix things up to keep it fun.
So why only 3 starts? Pretty much everything non-poker related is poor. Comps are impossible to figure out. No food available - even the snack bar right next to the poker room is closed. Want a drink? Good luck with that. Finding a waitress is a challenge. Finding a waitress without an attitude is even harder. I was a good bit so probably say 20 different waitresses come to my table. Literally only 2 of them seemed not to be @#$% off when people ordered drinks. The one male waiter was one of these 2 (good for him). Maybe they need to hire more guys? Or screen the people they hire? Or is it just the job market in DC? I've played in many other poker rooms and clearly these are the worst waitresses I've ever encountered (again the one waiter was very good).
Why can't more poker rooms look at a place like BestBet with excellent wait service, excellent food (which you pay for) and just copy that? I don't get it.

Food and Drink

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