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IrishSpirit wrote a review about MGM Springfield in Springfield, MA

Seems like the casinos are killing the entire poker industry.

Mike Postle was just the beginning. Seems like everywhere you go now people are on their phones during hands, discussing hands with each other, wearing full blown tactical face masks at the table to hide their cowardly faces, and even colluding with dealers and management.
I see dealers everywhere now lifting the cards up to see all the faces while shuffling and only dealing big tippers winning hands. Hmmm .... If you don't think it's possible to set a deck so easily after a ton of practice, watch the documentary "Dealt". Either you're in on it, or you're a fool.
Casinos push out good players by making them wait long or giving their seat to someone else, or they find little ways to distract you at the table or any of a myriad of tricks to grind down your patience to keep you from coming back and winning consistently. They spy on everything you do and manipulate every situation through the surveillance systems and even your phone!
I wouldn't even be surprised if they've got the gaming commissions corrupted and in on it at this point. I mean, where are the people who are supposedly enforcing the regulations to protect players against cheating? Proper shuffling and dealing procedures? @#$%, even making sure dealers are wearing the proper identification when in the box.
It's a sad time for poker as it seems cheating and corruption are rampant across the country by the very people who operate these establishments.
The only thing to do is start writing to the gaming commissions and reporting every incident. People need to go public on every incident and get the public eye on this. It's appalling. If this was an industry like professional basketball these people would all be fined, fired, and probably even prosecuted.
We need to bring back fair play and eradicate all these morally depraved cheaters, colluders, card mechanics, and straight up magicians from the industry.

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smr722 wrote a review about MGM Springfield in Springfield, MA


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