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As mentioned elsewhere, the decor of the room is great. Looks like what you would expect a poker room to look like. Not quite as luxurious feeling as some of the other places, but i'ts still pretty nice and the ambience is good. Tables have automatic shufflers and cup holders, but it can definitely get a bit cramped. Chips are brought to you at the table, always a nice touch.

I've only actually played here once, and it was my first time playing on a real table, but the competition was pretty easy. 50/50 tourists to locals, although I hear they get a lot of regulars. Tourists were older guys while the locals were young. Not many obvious fish, but no real sharks either. Guys were friendly for the most part, and I was comfortable even though it was my first time out.

Dealers were great here. Friendly and conversational, but not unprofessional or overly talkative. All seemed experienced, and had no real problems with misdeals or miscalled hands. The dealers are really an asset here, at least the ones that I dealt with.

Waitresses looked pretty good, but I think there was only one working the room at a time, so it wasn't the speediest service. One of the ladies seemed to be having a rough night, so that might've been part of it, but no one had any problem with special requests, and they were still friendly.

Management here was great, too. Friendly and professional, much like the dealers, and with more emphasis on the professional part. Not intimidating to deal with and they know their stuff. No major issues came up while I was there, though, so I can't say how they handle problems, but they seemed to be on top of their game. List was ran effectively, along with everything else.

I know they have some sort of comp system here, but I didn't deal with it. I give them a high rating here though because they have one of the best high-hand jackpot systems around. They kind of set the standard for good HH jackposts from what I've seen.

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