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RoyalFlush18 wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

3 Nights @ the Monte Carlo - Home Base

Room is just off the sports book in the corner of the Hotel. Quite away from the slots/machines etc. Good spacing in between tables, plenty of room.

2-6 Hold'em spread ran all the time....players were 7 out of 10 players were terrible. The 1-3 NL ran sporadically. Typical game, 1 or 2 above average players, a few weak tight players, a few that were wanna bes and showed up to play any 2 and a few solid players who did quite well. I only played about 3 hours of No Limit here. Plus 1 or 2 who were brand new to the game.

Side note, the board kept advertising a 3-6 Omaha High 1/2 rake game. I inquired and was informed that there was a less than 0% chance that game would run during our stay by the Dealer. Apparently they had a pretty good game going at some point with lots of tourist sitting in on their 1st Omaha experience but word got out and the locals showed up and ruined the game. Oh well.

No major problems. Most were friendly.

Below Average only cause the night shift waitress was a complete trip. Generally confused....wrong drinks...etc.

Friendly and accommodating.

Jackpots....not sure what clocking in got me. Didn't ask.

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