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Lacoste wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Another n00b hooked on poker!

This was the first time I sat down at a table in a casino. However, compared to the lavish rooms at other casinos, this one was pretty basic. Not shabby, not spectacular, a nice place to play poker.

Being a total n00b, I got some excellent advice, starting right from the floor manager, to the dealer and the locals sitting next to me at the table. One local made sure to explain all the mistakes I was making to me, which was like a mini-poker lesson. There were definitely some good players at the table, fortunately I was very lucky, picking up 2 or 3 straights on the river, when I shouldn't have even been in the hand :)

The dealers seemed to get rotated fairly quickly, but all of them were friendly and helpful.

Very quick service, brought us what we ordered. It was a quiet night though.

Floor manager was very friendly and accomodating.

2 people at my table had won $500 on straight flush jackpots. One note, if you do have 4 of a kind, you need to get the pot up to $20 (I was playing 2-4) to win the jackpot. I made the mistake of betting on quad 3's after the flop (see, I'm a n00b), and everyone folded. When I showed the 4 of a kind, everyone at the table proceeded to explain to me the rules :) Fortunately it was only a $20 jackpot, or I might have been upset ;)

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