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brianb10 wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Becoming one of my favorite rooms

Very nice room. Looks like you would imagine a poker room should look like. Nice art on the walls. I don't like race track tables and that is what they have but otherwise the tables are nice and the chairs comfy. There is also pretty decent room between tables. Only problem is that some genius with MGM ordered new glasses and they do not fit in the universal cup holders so you had a lot of drinks on the table which is a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me.

1/2 NL crowd was pretty good, 2/4 limit was typical chasers and river rats. Raises in the 2/4 games were not respected (they were somewhat in the NL game) which built some nice big pots. If you are patient and play your hands you can crush people when you have the nuts. Every table I played at was friendly and fun and I managed to play at times for 9 - 10 hours without being too far up or down from where I started. Limit games there are good if you just wanna play and don't care about making money. NL game presents more opportunity to make some money.

Very friendly and helpful to the new folks explaining the high hand jackpots. I had no issues with anything the dealers did.

I didn't drink much but the service seemed very fast and good. The room has a dedicated server and she had good timing so as to come by with new drinks as you were finishing your last one.

Again very friendly. No complaints. Manged the list very well and started new games as soon as they had 5 or 6 on the list. Did a good job moving people to balance tables and also with meeting player wishes to stay with their friends or play at the same table with their buddies.

This is the one area seriously lacking. Yes they have high hand jackpots and a May promotion called "splash the pot" which are both nice but I would like hourly credit towards some food or something in the hotel. My wife and I usually stay at a MC and are members of the players club but it makes more sense to play at MGM Grand or TI so as to earn some comps. I would love to see them add an hourly comp.

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