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Johnny Vegas wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Beware of Regulars!

Average quality tables, small seperate room. Overall, I would rate the room average to slightly above.

There is a mix of locals and tourist. It will always depend on your table, but typically the play is average. I am a local but have to say their are some angry regular players in the room. On my most recent MC visit, one local who knew all the dealers would absolutely abuse other players. He actually wasn't that good but abuse players for checking (when he thought they should have bet), catching flush draws on the river (when they actually had the pot odds to make the call), etc. What is really funny is that he won about 4 or 5 pots in 2 hours-3 on the river hitting inside straight draws. So if you looking for a fun experience and don't want to be beat down every hand by the local regulars-this may not be the place for you. If you can deal with them-and just laugh it off, you're good at MC.

Most of the dealers are really good. One at my table was calling out hands to his buddy (who was one of the local regulars). It was unreal, a player would bet and he would look at his buddy and say "two pair", guessing the hand of the guy who just bet. That dealer is also shift supervisor in the room on occasion. So with that said, it's safe to say the local regulars will get special treatment. With the exception of one or two unprofessional dealers-most are really nice, and solid dealers.

The room is small and there is only on waitress-typically the service is average to slight above.

I would rate Ron, Lori and the rest of the managers a 5-they are excellent. My 4 rating is based on the one shift manager/dealer who was really unprofessional. If he calls out cards for his buddy at the table, and laughs at beginners (isn't 2-4 where beginners are supposed to learn with being abused)-then he the integrity of the room has to be in question (for freerolls where they hand sign you in and out, etc).

Food comp-I played there about 12 times and finally got offered a $6 off comp. So really no comps. They have high hands, no bad beat.

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