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  • Monte Carlo Casino

very nice, old style room. quiet, close to the sports betting, and plenty of televisions.
very welcoming.
my wife is relatively new to poker. this is one of the few poker rooms that she felt comfortable in.

my wife and I played 2-4 limit. mix of locals and beginners.

nicest dealers in Las Vegas. (I've been to Vegas over 25 times)
polite and appreciative of tips they receive.

usually received service every 15-20 minutes. most players seemed happy with this.

always someone to greet you at the entrance. quick at resolving disputes at the table. very, very polite to all players.

$6 food comp for 4 hours of play.
high hand jackpots for quads or higher. my wife hit a heart royal flush for $1,454 on our second day. On day six, she hit a jack high straight flush for $495. I hit quad 6's for $103.

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