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timpramas wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Fun and friendly

The room was clean, the poker tables are in good shape, and the lay out is good so it is easy to move around the room. I liked the poker paintings on the wall. The room is tucked away from most of the other casino floor action, so it is relatively quiet. The "vibe" is a friendly, welcoming one.

The $1/$2 no-limit game has tougher competition than the limit games. Despite what is mentioned on this website, there always seemed to be a no-limit game going when I was there ($1/$2 blinds, $100 min. buy in, $200 max). The competition in the no-limit game is beatable, but you definitely need to know what you are doing. The daily 9 a.m. tournament and the SNGs attracted a variety of players who liked the low buy-ins, including a couple of beginners, most players with at least some experience, and a few strong players. Much to my surprise, when I played a $2/$4 limit game in between a tournament and a SNG, the play was more solid than I had seen at lower limit tables at other casinos. The $2/$4 limit game (with half kill)seems to attract good older local players who like the social atmosphere, the high hand jackpots, and playing with only one $2 blind. If you play tight and aggressive poker, you will come out with a profit unless you get really unlucky. Although an average of three or four players will see the flop, it usually gets down to heads up by the turn if anyone bets aggressively after the flop.

There was one dealer at 3 a.m. at a no-limit table who grumpily complained at length about how tired he was, so I almost did not give this rating a five. But, the other dealers were outstanding. They were friendly, did not make mistakes, patiently explained things to new players without making the new players feel bad, and tried to make sure everyone was having a good time. There were problems with unintentional string bets both in the limit game, no-limit game and tournaments. The dealers strictly enforced the no string bet rule, as they should, but they were polite about it and explained to the offending player the right way to announce a raise.

You couldn't go much longer than 10 to 15 minutes without being asked if you wanted a cocktail or other drink. The service was fast and accurate.

One morning, there was a final table of the daily tournament, a SNG, plus a few tables of cash games going. Despite all the activity, everything was handled efficiently and the manager happily answered any questions. The managers also did a good job of letting eliminated tournament players know about open seats at cash games which kept the tables full. The waiting list is kept on paper, but the manager gave accurate estimates about waiting times and where you were on the list. Management and the dealers appear to be striving to attract repeat customers to the poker room and take pride in customer service.

The high hand jackpots are funded by a rake from the pots, so it is not a comp in the strictest sense of the word. But, they are generous jackpots. One player at a $2/$4 table I played at won over $250 with quad 8s. I had an open ended straight flush draw and if I had hit my straight flush, I was told I would have won a couple of thousand. Please note that the locals who play there will often check on the turn and risk giving a free card to an opponent if there is a draw to a high hand jackpot (unless the pot is huge, I would probably also check to draw at a one or two outer as well given the size of the jackpots). If you play for a few hours a day there I think the MC has poker hotel room rates(the MC is a real nice hotel/casino) and I believe you can get a food comp if you play long enough.

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