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timpramas wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Good room before, and is even better now

This is a nice room with a comfortable atmosphere. It is located next to the sports book and near a bar. Restrooms are also close. It is away from most of the slots, so it is quieter compared to other rooms. It also means no smokers hanging out near the room which was good for me as second hand smoke bothers me. Some of the tables are pretty close together for some tight fits. A cashier's cage just opened to make it easier to get chips and cash out (if you didn't run out of chips).

The quality of the competition depends on game selection and can vary. I played 2/4 limit while waiting for a tournament to start. The game plays a little tighter than other low limit games but there are usually a few players who play too many hands and chase too much. Some locals also slow play sets unless the pot is big hoping to hit a high hand jackpot for quads. I played two sessions of 1/2 no limit here. The first time I was one of the weaker players. The second time I was one of the stronger players. The stronger players are betting for value, rarely to bluff. Don't play big pots with strong players holding just one pair unless you also have a strong drawing hand in addition to your one pair. Don't play drawing hands that rely on implied odds to be profitable against the stronger players as they seem able to correctly put you on hands and won't pay you of if you hit your draw. You make your money in the 1/2 no limit game from the weaker players who call you down with worse hands. I played in the 6 p.m. multitable tournament. Early in the tournament there were many passive and inexperienced players in the tournament. By the time you approach the final table, every remaining player is good. I played three single table tournaments. One time most of the players seemed pretty good, one time there was a mix of good and weak players (passive, open limping even late in the tournament), and one time where just about everyone was passive and inexperienced. For the limit games and the tournaments, there always seem to be one or two people at a table new or relatively new to playing hold 'em.

Fast, friendly, and efficient. I didn't see any dealer mistakes in the two days I played there. One dealer did a nice job defusing a situation where two players were jawing with each other. They quickly explain the room's high hand jackpots and other promotions to players who arrive at the table. They are patient and do well with people who are new to playing in casinos. They do not embarrass the inexperienced players which means these players have fun even when they lose money and are likely to come back and play again.

With a bar in close proximity to the room, service generally was efficient and friendly (detecting a theme here).

The managers do a great job conveying how happy they are that you decided to stop in and play in their room. All questions are fully answered. When a question came up at a table or a ruling was needed, the managers responded quickly, ruled quickly and briefly explained the ruling so the players understood the decision.

In May there is a promotion where at several points during the day, a cash game table number will is drawn. For the table number that is drawn, $50 of house money is put in the pot. If you are lucky enough to get dealt a great hand, the pot gets really big as people will chase to the river hoping to get lucky and win this pot.

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