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The room is quite small as far as card rooms go. It is in the corner of the Monte Carlo directly adjacent to the sports betting lounge. It has a few LCD monitors with sports playing, and a TV with the current jackpot hands. It was very inviting and clean. It really is a great room to spend your days playing cards. It is relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Mix of regulars and people passing by. There is the new "Aria" casino next door, but they usually cater to slightly bigger games/tourneys than the ones I played. There were 2-3 SNG's avaliable every day while I was there.

They seemed very friendly and didn't make any mistakes while I was at the tables. The pit boss was very accommodating and made everything run smooth.

The Waitresses are not hot, but they aren't eye sores. I would say they are average. The drink service was average, but all I ordered was some iced tea and water. It was very acceptable service.

Room was friendly, organized, and well mannered. The rules were enforced and everything felt very smooth and relaxed.

Comps are done using the MGM cards point system, where you get points per hour to be used for food and such.

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