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Cush wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Great place to play.

The room was elegantly decorated and very cozy. It was small which gave it a good feel. It's not like walking into Ceasars and you're lost in the crowd.

The tables were very loose. I could only spot a few locals in the room, well, at least at the low limit tables. It was insane how many players were calling every bet down to the river. One night (er, morning) a gentleman at our table was betting every round in the dark. Sadly, he managed to take several pots off us as we figured our Ace high or low pair likely beat his two random cards (we were wrong).

The dealers were great. I can only think of one that didnt bring something to the table (he was just quiet). Each had a different, but fun personality that we enjoyed our entire trip.

The cocktail waitresses came around often and were friendly. On two noted occasions, however, they dissapeared for a lengthy period of time.

All management we came across were extremely friendly. After only one day, I was greeted by name when I entered the room. They were personable, approachable, and very friendly.

I'm not sure what their system is, but anytime I asked for a comp, I was given a $6.00 voucher for use in their cafe/buffet. They also had a high hand jackpot as well as a $6,000 prize pool freeroll that required only 10 hours of play to qualify for. It took us little more than a day to get that.

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