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Shane wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Great room with nice dealers and players

I rate it as good but not fancy. I just really like the dark wood work around the room and the big pictures hanging on the walls. Its a small room and kinda gives you the feeling your at your buddies house playing in the basement, so if you like that kind of room you will really like this place but if you want something fancy you should look some place else. Very friendly and inviting room and not intimidating to the first time player.

I say it was easy even though I ended up down for the trip, I lost 2 really big hands that put me in the hole. At the 2-4 game most people are new and tell the dealer that when they sit down. I was not there to make a bunch of money but just to have a good time so I did not mind playing with all the new guys and gals. At the NL game there were maybe 2 people that were good but most were no better than the guys I play with back home.

I have to say the dealers I had were great and they did great for the table they were at. At the 2-4 game the guy dealing was Jim, I think he was the room manager also, and he did a great job of explaining every thing to the new guys and slowing the game down for them so everyone felt comfortable. The NL game dealers were great also and kept the game moving and expected everyone to know what was going on since it was the NL game but a few people had questions and the dealers answered them in a nice quick way without slowing down the game and without making the person feel dumb for asking.

It was better than out on the casino floor, I'm not a fast drinker so I only needed a drink about every other time the girl came around. She even brought drinks to my wife who was not playing but sitting behind me watching. I never heard anyone say they needed a drink before the girl came around.

They guy was named Jim who seemed to be running things and as far as I could tell he did a fine job. Opened up tables when there were enough people got your chips for ya and kept everything moving pretty good.

Dont know, I didnt ask.

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