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kstew wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Home Game Feel in a Las Vegas Casino

This is a nice, quaint room that is somewhat isolated from the main casino. I think the location and feel of the poker room encourages more players to try poker for the first time. I played a few poker rooms around town and saw more beginners here. This room is not nearly as intimidating as the MGM...especially on a weekend night, and probably feels more comfortable for most new players. The players are very friendly and easy to talk to...unlike many of the LA card rooms I play in.

Few locals, lots of tourists, a few young bucks throwing their money away. I would change my playing style to adjust to the table...seemed to work. Most of the tourists would play any paint card with any kicker.

I really enjoyed the dealers for the most part. They paid attention to the new players making them aware of the house rules and jackpots. The showed great patience with newbies playing out of turn and making typical rookie mistakes. A couple of the dealers were very fast, which I appreciate.

The cocktail waitresses were very fast and efficient. Not the hottest servers in town, but overall I can really complain. I loved getting microbrews at the table...a major plus.

Always friendly and willing to accomodate. I was seated quickly and they made sure that the guests were well taken care of.

I dont know about the comps, but I did see five or more highhand jackpots during my time there. These winners were paid instantly.

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