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onajojo wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

I'll skip it

The room seemed in good shape. I like the location right next to the restrooms. The self-park is a little far away, but not as bad as some rooms.

Two guys were very good, three were pretty bad, and the others were average.

A little slow, but OK. I'm used to the Wynn dealers, so it was quite a drop off from there.

This was the worst I had ever seen. She was rude, she came 3 times in 2 hours, and she didn't ask everyone for drinks on the only table that was open. She had a lot of attitude and generally seemed to hate life. She is the reason I will not play there again.

The big problem came when I had to cash out, there was nobody to do it. I had to walk to the main cage for that. That is unacceptable to me.

There were high hands, but I didn't see a posting with the amounts. One hit, and the player was paid a whopping $20. I know that the jackpots have to re-seed, but make them at least $50. If they do comp there, they never asked me for a card, which would give them a bad rating also.

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