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vegasholdem wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Like one of those lavish cardrooms in Rounders!

I felt like I was at one of those poker rooms in the movie cool is that! No plasma screens but they had a beatiful mural on every wall. New tables with automatic shuffles; but it comfortable can sit only 8...not 10. Only about 8 tables games goin'...but I really like the cozy enclosed smoke free atmosphere! Mostly tourists and a few off work dealers playing as well! No line to wait at 2am...but the games were only 8handed. 1hr 15 minutes later I cashed out $25 ahead...and was up $40 at one point. I would not hesitate to recommend the Monte Carlo cardroom to anyone!

Basically there were no good players. These players definitely came to gamble...not content to just sit around and wait for the nuts! These fish will call you all the way down to the river with a small pair! I kid you not! Give Monte Carlo a try If you like easy money!

Very fast and professional! I was dealt very many hands per hour...which is a good thing! The dealers were very warm&friendly.

There was only 1 cute cocktail waitress at 2am. She definitely was overwhelmed! Drinks came by only twice in one hour!

Not bad...but not great either.

didn't play long enough for a comp.

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Solid room

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