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MadCarpenter wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Mixed bag @ the Monte Carlo.

The atmosphere of the room was overall friendly (with 2 exceptions; see below...) , and the furnishings quite nice. (dark wood moldings, "olde tyme" paintings on the walls, comfy chairs, but the felt on the tables showed a bit of wear..

We played mostly 2/4 limit holdem, and 1/2 NL. The 2/4 was pretty soft, with the usual assortment of chasers and recreational players, and a couple of local rocks who were easy to recognize.(they and the dealers knew each other by name...). The NL table was a bit more challenging, but there were usually a couple of very inexperienced players willing to donate while they learned.

All of the dealers appeared quite competent, and rather reserved, with one dealer in particular lowering the rating for them all with her TERRIBLE attitude towards men specifically. I watched her insult and then ignore a guy at my table who dared try to engage her in conversation about calculating pot odds. When she dealt my wife's table, she provoked a MALE player to utter a profanity, and then attempted to have him removed from the room. Much to their credit, the floor managers politely suggested he move to another table. (Apparently they have seen this happen before... hmmmmmmm.....) She did however go out of her way to almost teach a pretty, young female player how to play her hand. In fact, my wife said she was quite outgoing towards ALL ladies at her table... I must admit, she is the only dealer I've ever seen who did NOT say "thanks" for being toked (again, by a male player).

Again, all the servers were relatively quick and sort of neutral/friendly, with one glaring exception. I asked her for a "pint of stout", and she reacted like I requested a rock from the moon. Jeez, didn't I hear that they have the only brewpub on the Strip here??? The mystery was solved when she returned with a BOTTLED stout... Most of the cocktail waitresses were rather pretty.

The room was well managed. The list was updated quickly. Players were seated promptly, and were brought chips. Management answered all questions politely, and were quite friendly.

We signed up for a "players card", then found out that play at the poker tables doesn't count toward player points. If there are any other comps for poker available, we were not aware of them.

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