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mritz wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

My favorite room

I really enjoyed this room. I have stayed here many times and have had consistently good experiences.

I played only 2/4 LHE and one SNG. Lots of players call all the way to the river every hand. That brings lots of suck outs but can pay nicely. In the SNG, I saw some bad play that was redeemed by two-outers.

All the dealers were great. No mistakes save for a very rare card flip and I never heard for a floorperson to be called in about 20 hours there May 1-5. Joe was funny and he would have been funnier if he gave me better cards :)

Nicole, the late night waitress was great work wise and visually. She would remember us from the night before and roll out drinks when we sat down.

All the managers were efficient and nice. I have talked to Jim, Bob and Susan during the day and Eddie and Pilar at night. Always professional and personable.

They comp $6.00 off their cafe or buffet if you play four hours. You have to ask though. The hotel room rate booked through the poker room was good also.

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Adam F wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Solid room

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