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Grange95 wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Nice room, tight play

A nice small room, cleaner, brighter, and better decorated than many Vegas small rooms. On the downside, the room is a little cramped, the chairs are not terribly comfy, and the tables have an annoying wood racetrack. This room had a friendly vibe, and is a good choice if you are looking for a nice place to play a friendly game without the stress of a lot of big money in play or overly-aggressive (obnoxious) players at the table.

Seemed a pretty average crowd, tighter than many smaller rooms. Seemed to be a lot of regular nits churning hours for the weekly freeroll. With a $200 max. buy-in, not a room to make a big score; expect a lot of small preflop raises and flop c-bets taking down small pots.

Dealers were all technically competent (with a couple of typical mistakes), and friendly.

I only ordered diet coke, so not sure what quality of booze/beer is served, though I did see someone drinking Coronas. Service was a little slow, though it was a weekend late night.

Took a few minutes to get the manager's attention, as he also was running chips. But, I got seated promptly once he noticed me, and he seemed to have good control of a busy room.

There were HHJs, but they seemed pretty small. The main comp/jackpot appears to be a weekly freeroll tourney, which is pointless for tourists like me.

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