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IAPETE wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Old School

Poker room has something of an "old school" feel to it. It looks like you would imagine a poker room should look, even though it is a little small. Sends out a great vibe in my opinion. Didn't care for the wood rail circling the felt around the tables. Appreciated the auto shufflers but they were located kind of in the middle of the tables which I thought was odd. Nevertheless, I liked this room.

Some tourists, more than your average number of locals. But just because someone is a local/regular doesn't necessarily make them a rock or unbeatable. I did enjoy the locals as they were both pleasant and talkative. This was the tightest table I played at in Vegas during my trip (compared to Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Bally's, Mandalay Bay, and Exacalibur) but I still wouldn't call it tight. Heck, I think people on Party Poker playing $0.50/$1 play tighter than what I experienced in Vegas this trip.

Loved the dealers. They had friendly personalities, very extroverted, and acted like they appreciated your business while being very professional. Obviously knew the locals well.

Ok, I'm basing this rating on one particular waitress who was both a knock out and a very good waitress. And she always had a smile on her face.

Very friendly and helpful. Well organized list, although not an electronic players list.

Someone won a high hand jackpot while I was there and everyone stopped and clapped/cheered including management and the dealers. Otherwise I didn't ask.

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