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feltbettor wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Pleasantly Surprised

The room is small which is why I came to like it. I forgot how nice it was to play poker without all the bells and whistles of slot machines screaming in my ears. Just me against them. It just felt more relaxing than the Bally's and Imperial Palace's of the world.

I happened along on a tournament day. Players were a mix of value minded American tourists and a group of friendly drinking buddies from across the pond. It made for a home game atmosphere and an easy bunch of guys to get a read on.

They were above average helpful and friendly which sometimes got them into trouble. They would forget who's bet it was on, how much to call, etc. This is not a major flaw. Just a consequence of a fun table. If your a no nonsense poker player this will drive you nuts. Be Warned! Prepare yourself for table banter!

I was actually surprised that during a cheap tournament to get such quick service. Usually waitresses in other casinos try to avoid the lower limit afternoon players due to a perceived lower tip potential. I was never so happy to be wrong. And drunk.

They were very involved in every aspect of the room. I wish I could remember his name but the gentlemen who handled the tournament and live games was helpful with questions about tournament chopping without being pushy. He had a sense of humor and a fair minded demeanor.

It's on par with the majority of the rooms nowadays.

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