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Mazda_Turbo wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Quiet, Friendly, Entertaining

Room was in excellent shape, nice and quiet. The tables are nice, and the room is arranged in such a way that you can always see a TV and the rest of the action going on around you.

highest limit i played was $1/2 NL and its a lot of "throw money in" calls and "why not" plays. The $2/4 is what you expect, not very good. $3/6 is average compared to other places. The new S&G's are excellent!! I have to say this, because i was staying there the first day after they started them, and i won the first two on Thursday of my stay. Competition in those is pretty good. Blinds go up pretty fast, but it also forces action.

I had a very pleasurable experience playing in this room for the 3 days i was staying at the Monte Carlo. Dealers were entertaining, yet strict on rules and regs. They make the play the way it should be, by enforcing these room rules, and ettiquite. The ettiquite is a big part of this room. Not much whining or complaining and the dealers are always in control of the table. they are helpful in answering questions also.

the waitreses seemed to get good tips from the players while i was there (including me) and they did come around often! more than once, i was ordering another drink from her, and i didnt even have my previous one done....

very helpful, easy to ask questions and you get a lot of respect. They are extremely friendly, and call you by first name once they find your name out. Big props to the management of this room.

High Hand Jackpots were good, and always available to check up on, because they are continuously displayed on the TV screens which are in each corner of the room.

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