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Steuby2 wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Really Comfortable Room

Everyone was friendly and helpful. Clean and quiet - no slot noise or casino patrons hanging on the rail.

Tourists were generally weak players. Most locals were very tight, experienced players. A few sharks - but they only played low limit games until spot open on higher limit or no-limit tables. In a week only met one really obnoxiuous loud-mouth.

very good - friendly and helpful without exception. They were fun yet kept the game flowing. They treated the tourists as nice as they they treated the locals.

Waitresses were pretty and very efficent. They were always around and drinks arrived quickly. I only drink water when playing but no one complained about the quality of the liquor that I heard.

Room was managed great. They met you at the door and had a game for you as soon as possible. They were friendly and extremely helpful. They made me feel as welcome as my everyday home casino.

I signed in when I arrived and asked for meal comps everyday and were given them without question. I seems like 4 hrs. play earns $6 off meal but they didn't count the minutes.

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Adam F wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Solid room

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