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ChezJ wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Screwy $4/$8 game

The room is quite nice, in a corner of the casino very close to the hotel elevators (which is nice if you're a guest). However there are some loud slot machines nearby. Shufflemasters built into every table ensure faster dealing.

My chief complaint is about the structure of the $4/$8 game. The blinds are $1/$2 instead of $2/$4, which encourages more action but also messes up the pot odds calculations unless you are really paying close attention. A raise makes it $6, a re-raise makes it $10. Also, there is a half-kill which occasionally turns the game into $6/$12 with $1/$2/$3 blinds. A raise then makes it $9. This is extremely hard to keep track of and requires some major adjustments to the basic low limit hold em strategy taught in most books. I would avoid this game if possible.

Contrary to the editor's review, there was a continuous NL game spread, but I never played it. Also, I would note that the $2/$4 game had only one $2 blind and no small blind. Weird.

There were some horrible newbies at both the $2/$4 and $4/$8 tables, but also some very good players, too, making it not so fishy.

Nice personalities.

Good service.

Great management, took care of me in every respect.

I booked my hotel room through the poker room and got the incredible rate of $49/night (Wed and Thu). Just had to play 5 hours a day, cumulative not average, and they rounded up my hours liberally on the timecard. They rake up to $1 (in $0.25 increments) for the high hand jackpots in addition to the $3 house rake (also taken in $0.25 increments). You get a jackpot any time you hit quads or better using both hole cards. You don't even have to have a showdown, just flip up your cards if you win a pot uncontested. I saw three jackpots awarded in the one day I played. No bad beat jackpots. I'm pretty sure I got food comps last year but this year I forgot to claim mine.

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