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scottycanuck wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

This is fun poker. Rounders back off!

The room is small, and only consists of eight or nine tables. This is a low limit poker room from Sunday to Thursday. Weekends creep up the scale a little, but not a whole lot more. The vibe here is excellent. It is a fun poker room to be in. If you see anyone become angry over a hand, feel free to drop an insult in their direction (no profanity, please). If you are here to make money, you are in the wrong poker room, baby! You need to find a casino with higher limits where young punks wear sunglasses.

There were often times where there were family pots on full tables. The players here even take lessons! The unfortunate thing here is there are a few rounders who must collect welfare cheques or retirement dividends and profit little bits. If you are looking for cheap poker where there are lots of laughs and excellent service, this is your place. The profits will be slim, though.

These dealers were perfect! The conversation they had to offer was entertaining, and they were always willing to answer any questions I had about anything. However, if you decide to argue with any of the dealers, you are making a mistake. Like I said earlier, this is a fun poker room, not a serious one. If you choose to make this a serious poker room, the dealers will be the first to remind you of where you are, and your attitude will not be tolerated for long.

My favourite server in the world works in the poker room. She was quick at getting drinks, and would often take double orders if I was pounding them back a little too quickly.

The management remembered my name after my first visit to the poker room. I like that. They were always quick to help me out at times when I was looking for a place to visit in Vegas, or when I was constantly on the lookout for my girlfriend.

Other than the free drinks, my girlfriend and I received the poker room rate. I found the deal we received allowed us to stay at a nicer hotel. I found that for the same price we would have had to stay at the Stratosphere, Circus Circus, or a Fremont Street location.

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