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Nice secluded room, adjacent to the bathrooms (which is good when drinking a lot), but its a little small...
The Tournament structure is a joke however, as the blinds go up super fast and takes a lot of skill out of it.

Only played in the tournaments and due to the low buy in, you get a lot of tourists and easy players. But that also means they don't play how "they should" so you find yourself in pots with way too many players and it comes down to best hands as they all never fold...

They shuffled and dealt. And fairly nice...

A little slow, but good as you would expect

The late night Manager is always super nice and remembers everyone. Have asked about why tournaments are such bad format, they told me they dont make much money on tournaments. They have them to draw in the crowd and then as quick as possible turn them over to the cash game. Because of this I come for the cheap tournament and then head elsewhere for the cash games...

Not too sure...

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