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Pureprophet wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Underated and enjoyable experience

I really liked the "vibe" to this poker room. It is somewhat cramped, but wasn't too bad. I really like how it is secluded with only one entrance. Look at the pictures...and tell me it doesn't have a poker room feel to it! TV's are nice but as mentioned are hard to see if you are in the wrong seat. Chips are dirtiest I have ever seen! Tables are nice, pink felt! A nice wood (poplar) edge for your chips.

Not your brand new virgins to the game...but very beatable! Many tight players that would wait for a premium hand but would get committed with AA or matter what the board had to offer. I saw this a lot. Worst board ever for AA and a guy would call a 200 dollar (on 5th st.) all in, only to be destroyed! So many times...I knew I had the worst hand but the implied odds were huge if I could crack em! Played 2-4 limit while waiting...this game was so profitable for me that when my name came up for 1-2 NL I declined! I made over 900 dollars at the 2-4 tables in 4 hours!! You try to beat that! (I hit a St. Flush against a A high flush, in addition to a huge pot, I got 500 bucks from the house---see below!) Never played 2-4 before but it was goofy to say the least!!

They had a lot of Moxy! I liked it! They were in control, compentent, and overall good!

They came around often...however my beer came in a plastic bottle! (Leftover from New Years!)

Freindly and good...enough said.

High Hands! I got 500 bucks for a St. Flush! Another guy got 100 bucks for 4 of a kind! Bad beat jackpots as well!

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