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Kojak wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Very Surprised!!!

I think I can insert the title of this review into every category. I have never played at this room and only decided to play here because we were staying at the MC. Great little room and everything was in great shape. A few things could have been addressed (for some reason this room seemed to be a holding room for excess chairs) but overall it is a quality room with quality tables and has a great feel. The location is a little out of the way but easy enough to find and get to. Overall, if the room was bigger and had better access, I would go out on a limb and say that this room would compete with the major rooms out there!

I played 3 sessions here and there was a mix every time. All sessions were 1/2 NL - 1st session had 6 players total: 2 were old (very old) locals, 2 were solid, solid players and 1 guy was shipping chips all over the place. Session 2: full table with at least 4 locals and every one else knew how to play to played well. Session 3: full table with 1 local and everyone else was just there to have a good time - definately an easy table.

Best dealers I experienced my whole trip. Can't say enough good things about the dealers here. Had complete control of the table and I didn't experience one single mistake after logging about 17 hours total in the room. Kudos to this crew - could easily be described as one of the best dealer rooms on the Strip and even though I'm a good distance from Las Vegas, I have plenty of felt time for comparisons. I wish this dealer crew dealt at my local casino!!! All the other mid level to major level rooms on the strip should send their dealer crews here to see how it's done!

Let's make this as simple as possible - Don't come thirsty!

Great management team and well run room. I'm not a big fan of the "extra special" treatment locals get, but I understand why rooms go out of their way for the locals! This room is no exception. Other than that, again, I was very surprised at how well the room was run and how they also took care of the players that really didn't know what they were doing or how they could get playing. From rocks to newbies, the management team took care of every one and did so with professionalism and class.

I didn't ask about comps but the jackpots they offer seem to either be at the same level or above all the other good rooms out there.

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