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I hadn't played poker at Morongo in years, but decided to try some of their Saturday tourneys.

The Good: The old room was semi-open to the casino, meaning the area was subject to slots noise and cigarette smoke. The room they're using now is completely enclosed, though it is farther from the parking elevators. It is now reasonably quiet and smoke-free. Table service is friendly and frequent. Most of the dealers are friendly and competent.

The Bad: Fewer tables than the old room, which means fewer tables available for tourneys. When school is in session, the room draws a big student crowd for the weekend tourneys since Morongo allows players ages 18+. This means you risk being put on a waitlist because they cap the number of tourney players to 5-6 tables. The floor people enforce the cap mercilessly.

Morongo says they can spread a lot of cash games but the only ones I ever saw going were 1-2 NL and 2-4 limit.

I did not sample the promotions, nor did I notice many. I saw more promotions at Agua Caliente during football season.

Overall, it is an okay place to play if you like butting heads with young guns and their style of play.

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