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Veteran247 wrote a review about Northwoods in Berlin, NH

Ignorance is bliss

First of all, half these reviews are fake..I can already see that..Secondly all this place has is friendliness..that's about it..except one or two players I played with.. Amatuer dealers who get distracted by a rude player who call the floor person just to ask them a simple question about rules of showing their hand to one or all when nobody else even cared..and she didn't either..She said that what the other player did was ok and she was fine .but she just wanted to know the actual rules for no ended up distracting the dealer in a tournament that ended up shuffling the cards in the middle of a hand two players were still in..Everyone got their money back and the hand redealt .I mean over all this is a decent place..AS long as you don't plan on playing the tournaments you should be fine ..The dealers also deal waaaay slower than ANY other place I have been to..and I've been all over NH and others..I mean all I got to say is.. Ignorance is bliss..How hard is it for people to just be nice and respectful no matter where you go...Is it really that difficult? all I got to say

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