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Aweez300 wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA

exponentially declining pitfall

Floor people will shut you out if you're a pro or advantage player, highest rake in the country, will bring in brick dealers and throw in props to mess up the card rotation and ultimately sleaze you out of your money if you don't recognize the shift ... legal cheating pretty much, and also just an overall bad attitude among floor people and staff I'm sure it's due to low customer return rate because this place doesn't have the bright spots that it used to. If you're not a regular here and trying something new go somewhere else. Also, the mixed game is highly watched you will get all the props in the game if you're advantage or pro and they will all target you ... it's become unfair and unpleasant.

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fares002 wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA


Average poker room. Dealers like their jobs, managers are Fair. The overall staff wants Ocean's 11 to succeed.... Read More

ctmeg wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA

Bad Management

Oceans 11 is in a free fall and it is 100% because of bad management. A 15 year patron here who has finally had... Read More