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brettbarton wrote a review about Orange City in Orange City, FL

Best available during COVID-19

Recently traveled from Indiana to Orange City exclusively for four days of poker. Saw that Orange City was eight handed so I made this my destination from all open rooms in the country. I was not disappointed. Clean room, good management, many different games and spreads up to a 5/5 very loose PLO, good banter with a majority of dealers, especially Shannon and all the “K” named girls. Was unsure if I would play 1/2 NL or 2/5 NL when I arrived. Started at 1/2 and never left. Watched some 2/5 and conversed with some regs and it was very evident of the HUGE difference in talent between the two games. Let’s just say over the four day trip I logged 38 hours of 1/2 play and came away winning 22 BB an hour by the time I wrapped up my trip. These were the type of tables where there was no need to bluff. Be patient, set traps, get paid off by multiple players at times. This room has hourly high hand promotions which has players calling with 3 gapped suited connectors for $12 opening bets. I will be back sooner than later. Indiana

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