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33 Tables
Sun-Thurs 10am-2am, Fri-Sat 10am-4am
almly99 wrote a review about Orange City in Orange City, FL

Horrible place to play poker

This is the absolute worst, most pathetic, saddest excuse for a poker room you will ever see. I mean, it is absolutely terrible. I walked in there and gave the cashier $440. I told her I want $300 in 25s and $140 in 5s. 30 seconds later she asked me again how I wanted it, another thirty seconds later she asked me again how I wanted it. After that she put out $300 in 25s and $40 in 5s. At that point I got annoyed and asked her what was wrong with her, I told her that I gave her the breakdown several times already and I can't be any clearer. Then she had the audacity to get an attitude with me and tell me that she is not going to do it. So another cashier gave me my money correctly and I went and sat down to play poker. Several minutes later someone named Greg came up to my seat and had the audacity to kick me out of the poker room without even checking the tape to see what transpired. These people are not only grotesquely incompetent, they do not deserve anyone's business. It's honestly the worst poker room I have ever seen.

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