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joebrazil3 wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Not swank but very nice room

There are some very comfy chairs in which to sit while waiting for a table to open. The chairs at the tables are fine as well. It's rather like visiting an uncle who runs a poker game every weekend; I've only been three times but I notice a lot of the same players. I never care much to watch TV, but they're there, and I didn't have to ask to watch baseball and not FOX News. Good!

If you're a tight-aggressive player you will win. Even if you're tight-passive you'll at least beat the rake. I noticed much calling of middle pair even against top pair or top two pair. You will, therefore, suffer trips on the river and other bad beats. Shake those off and you'll be fine.

The dealers are friendly, as expected. They don't appear to hinder the game, but they could move it along. Their slow pacing actually helps, though, as players get drunk.

No complaints here, though the service wasn't exceptionally swift.

I have never felt like anything but a welcome guest here; the manager remembered my name when I arrived for my third visit and made sure I knew to ask him about anything or bring him any comments or complaints.

The jackpot is legendary and attracts the passive players I spoke of earlier. The players' card is a very quick and easy way to get free buffet and restaurant meals. There's no waiting as you'rer swiped in and out. And, unlike at other properties, you pay a reasonable amount of comp to get those meals. Finally, all meals, from the buffet to the mexican to the italian to the steakhouse, are good. You should obtain and use your Station Boarding Pass.

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Rob wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

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