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pokerjustice wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

15$ rake at a $1$2 Omaha game? Horrible for the community

How greedy is this rake increase? How can they increase the rake to $15 and not increase the size of the game? They're going in the wrong direction by not making it fair for the players. Nobody can beat the game only a fool would support Parq for this reason. If you're going to increase the rake from $5 to $15. Don't you think it only makes sense for the game to adapt by increasing the blinds and the buy in from $1$2 to 5$10$. Also increase the buy in by 3 times the amount so that the game can remain a winning situation for some players. Right now nobody can beat the game. The casino is being too greedy. It just looks really bad that Parq is just bleeding the poker community dry making an unbeatable combination for everyone. Nobody wants to lose and this place has made a losing move. Do not support the rake increase. Do not support parq.

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vrberg wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


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