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Beethovesymno5 wrote a review about Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA

New room = disaster

Like most other poker regulars, I was excited about the prospects of a new room. Naturally, on the first day i played there, someone walked off with my snack tray with mt beverage and a personal belonging on it. Management and security did nothing about it. It is not why I gave 1 star, but it didn't help. The pros and cons, compared to the old room, will tell all:
* New room, so it is clean.
* Well lit.
* Limited number of oversized leather seats while you wait.

* Room is far away from the average parking spot. Not close to the main entrance at all.
* Considering the high number of players they have regularly, the room doesn't have enough tables. This is beyond surreal to all of us.
* Front podium to get on a list or check-in is placed horribly. Once a line of more than 5 people forms, it is a fire hazard to the entrance/exit.
* Only one main podium in the center of the room that cannot be reached unless you bang into the chairs of players seated at the tables nearby.
* Poker management apparently had no input in the outlay of the room. Beyond incompetent by the property.
* Chip runners cannot squeeze their carts between any of the tables. My chair was bumped about 75 times during a 9 hour session.
* PA system obnoxiously loud - as bad as the Borgata, if that is possible
* Less security
* Bathrooms no longer in poker room.
* Closest men's bathrooms have less than half the urinals and toilets from the old room. More than half of the restroom is wasted with a maze of walls and a silly, pointless mirrored wall at the entrance (looks like a 1970's sleazy hotel room). Stalls are also very narrow.
* At 7pm on a Saturday night, I waited on a line of 15 guys for a urinal - like I was at Wrigley Field in the middle of the 4th inning.
* New poker room food menu is abysmal - they eliminated 75% of the options from the former one; new items are lousy and unhealthy.
* The new USB chargers protrude out, causing either destruction to clothing or a bent, destroyed charging cable if your chair is all the way in.
* Tables are no longer numbered with signs.
* TVs are large but on the perimeter, creating a limited viewing experience in half of the seats in the room. I couldn't watch anything from the table where I was seated.

Just a terrible job by Alex property management. They should be ashamed of themselves for producing this horrid experience for the players, who they have clearly shown do not matter whatsoever.

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Trash managment

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