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johnc1965 wrote a review about Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA

POKER ROOM IS ONE HUGE MISTAKE...needs to be corrected

Me and my friends drive from ny to Parx 3x a week since it opened. I play all table games and 2 hours of poker ...
sometimes it is better to admit a mistake and correct it then to try to sugar coat it ...
the old poker room had 82 tables and was in a large open spaced room ... easy to roam ... move ... lean back ... change tables ... change games ...
the new room has 42 tables ... this makes no sense at all ... fire the decision maker on this one ... wait times are so long that they pass your name often as you wander around killing time ... then you have to join the list again and wait more ... on weekends the list has more than 25 names waiting.
If you move your chair left, right or back, you are going to hit the next person ... no room to get chips to you ... or drinks ... or talk to friends.
for those that never experienced this ... picture money paying customers jammed into a room as tight as possible ... if they needed to open one more table, it would not fit.
If you find yourself on a table of abnormal gamblers you will have to suffer as changing tables can take a while ...
I wish I can offer a solution ... i want to play here more as i am now retired ... with large group of friends ... but we go to Sands and other casinos more and more ... further away in distance but pleasant to play at ...
must have a larger space ... may have to blow out a wall or two and add playing room ... maybe add a second floor space above ...
they should talk to regular customers and see how unhappy many of us are.

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hc10 wrote a review about Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA

Trash managment

Many open tables with 80+ on waitlist for a minimum of 3hrs wait time. Massive wait list has been the case for months... Read More