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Carter_007 wrote a review about Peppermill in West Wendover, NV

Pretty decent, for being in the middle of nowhere...

Before noon there isn't going to be much going on here, or anywhere else in West Wendover, NV. I got there around 10:30 and they had one $1/$2 NL table going, so I bought in and was playing mostly with a table of old timers, which were welcoming but kind of nitty. As the day went on and later into the afternoon and evening the room picked up and tables filled up. This is the biggest poker room in Wendover with 11 or 12 tables. Dealers were all competent, although one younger one did want to argue when I pointed out a string bet with an over-sized chip that he let play.

The players don't seem to be much competition, hanging around for long draws and such. Play solid poker, make a few good bluffs while not chasing every draw and you should do fine.

Coffee, soda and doughnuts free in the poker room. Cocktail servers come around quite often and the girls working the later shifts were nice to look at.

Dealers were good, aside from the one younger one. An occasional flipped card but nothing out of the ordinary.

Comps were a standard $1 an hour. Play for a day or two and you can get some decent food in the casino.

Overall, good poker if you're stuck in the Salt Lake City area, about a two hour drive give or take. Driving out across the salt flats was a pretty cool site too. If I have a free weekend again soon I'll be headed out that way.

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