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N8RBOMB wrote a review about Pure Edmonton in Edmonton, AB

Doing the minimum most of the time...

There are a few employees at this venue that understand and value customer service first. There are several employees in management positions who do the bare minimum and it shows. Examples are when handicap bathroom stalls break because of abuse, the management responds by not fixing the toilet for months. Huge groups of dealers have quit in the last year and the rumors are not good. Employees are grumpy, annoyed, rude, yell and swear at customers and have a general distaste for the poker players. The way we are talked about behind closed doors is appalling considering we are the ones who tip you.... a bunch of grown adults who play the telephone game at work is ridiculous. This venue needs new owners and new managers who care about customer service, the quality and consistency of the food going out of the kitchens, and the long term maintenance of the building. Using kitchen utensils to clean the bathrooms is disgusting. Poor food practices cause people to get ill and spend less time at the casino. Getting treated poorly from management is a regular occurrence and it's what comes to mind first when I think about visiting this venue. This place has the potential to be great. Good location. The building has good bones but doing the minimum, not maintaining and repairing the facilities for your customers is a ridiculous business model.

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Ronald wrote a review about Pure Edmonton in Edmonton, AB

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