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twriter wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Beautiful room, bad players, locals softplay and collude

The 20-table room is in an excellent location, just a short walk from the west garage. It's clean and bright. The chairs are high-backed and comfortable, with swivel & adjustable height. The felts and rails are all in good condition. The room is next to a Pinks and a short way from a food court with good variety and good prices. There is also a reasonably priced poker room menu. The one ding is that some tables are a little close together, and the tables are a little short for the chairs (the 4-7 seats are constantly banging together).

This is largely a locals room. Many players (at least in the $4/$8 w/ 1/2 kill game) seem to know each other. You will see two primary populations: Loose semi-aggressive Asian women who bounce from table to table and seat to seat and loose-passive old men. Softplay among friends is rampant, and players openly talk about how to play when they get jackpot-potential hands. Many players just want to see flops, and then see rivers if they have any part of those flops. It is a value betting paradise--as long as you can handle the inevitable bad beats.

This is a good group of dealers. Mechanics are overall very good, and many dealers call the games clearly and efficiently. Dealers welcome new players to the table and are generally quite affable. I do hate to reinforce stereotypes, but the room does have a few female Asian dealers who are very quiet in the box and do not "run" the game beyond pitching cards and pushing pots. Overall, mistakes are very rare.

Waitresses seem to come by regularly. I did hear one tell a customer that one particular brand of their desired drink (I'm guessing it was top shelf) was not comped.

I saw room management really on top of things. They work actively to keep games filled properly, especially catching the table changers who go on their own and disrupt games. The front desk people are friendly and informative. I did experience one manager come by when softplaying was extremely prevalent and explain o the table that softplaying is a violation of poker etiquette (and of course the softplaying players were in immediate and loud denial). I suspect a dealer being pushed overheard player complaints of softplaying and reported it to management, which says lots about the quality of dealer training.

Apparently $1/hour, which these days is below average. To use the comps, you have to go to the players club desk and get a comp slip--specifically for where you want to spend it. NO reason in the 21st century why players can't just use accumulated comps right off the card.

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