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cch89135 wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Nice Local Room

The poker room at Red Rock is decent. It's located next to the sportsbook and across from Yard House. The table are in decent condition but there is always trash and empty chip racks laying around, especially at night and on weekends when it is busy. The chips are in decent condition as well as the felt, chairs and table rails. There is a restroom towards the back so you don't have to go far. Plenty of parking, inside or out.

The players are generally passive at the lower limit hold 'em games. $1-$2 NL and up you will find plenty of action. There are tons of calling stations and sneaky elderly bluff artists at all levels. A week ago, there was a guy who played every single hand at $2-$4 the other night until he ran out of his rack. Many of the locals know each other and some will softplay each other while others will show cards. Players getting up and wandering trying to accumulate comps is another negative at this room. Too much time given, especially if there are people on the board who actually want to play.

Some people complain about the dealers here but I think they are some of the quickest in the business. I have never encountered a problem with any of the dealers after playing here for several years.

The cocktail waitresses will bring you whatever you want when you keep the tips coming. $1 per drink is sufficient. The cocktail quality is average and the actual amount of alcohol you may get in a mixed well drink is questionable. Stick with beers or shots and you'll be fine. There is also Yard House across the way and they have to-go cups!

The list is well organized but I have been passed over several times for players whose names were not up. They were more local than I was I guess.

$1/hr (1000 pts) on Station Rewards card

Bad Beat Jackpot, High Hand Jackpot (Royal Flush)

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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OJPOKER wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV


Yeah, sounds like the room isn't the problem. Look inward. Maybe you will see the real problem. I don't play there... Read More