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Separate poker room with real class! The tables are top quality with marble inlays and leather rails, chairs are comfortable. Tables are spaced a bit closely together, but nothing terrible. This is a fun room for, so far, mostly locals, but I would imagine tourists with cars will start to flock here for the wonderful atmosphere, variety of games and generally fun vibe (as well as the great restarants, lounges, and other amenities available at the Red Rock).

Because it is a locals casino, the players tend to be experienced. But that doesn't prevent them from bringing along their newby relatives and visiting friends, so there were plenty of below average players at each table when I played there. Most were there to have a good time.

Didn't witness any screw ups. Dealers kept the games moving and some even had the personalities to add to the fun, though probably less so than in some of the more "touristy" casino poker rooms.

Nothing to complain about. Seemed to come fairly regularly.

Not as friendly and welcoming as I would have liked, but seemed professional and used the computerized system competently, keeping those on the waiting list moving quickly in to open seats.

Standard Stations Casinos $1/hour with Stations card. Stations has a bad beat jackpot which is shared by everyone playing in all Stations casinos at the time the jackpot is hit -- which is very rarely because the qualifications for a bad beat are very high.

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